Selling jewelry in NYC used to be a difficult, time-consuming and risky process. But that has changed with Buyers of NYC. We are the go-to pawnshop to get cash for jewelry in NYC including estate jewelry, Tiffany jewelry and antique jewelry. We can help you to get cash for your jewelry whether you are looking to sell your jewlery for top dollar or to pawn it to get some quick cash.  We have been serving the NYC Diamon District for many years now and will ensure you are more than satisified with the transaction.

Where to sell Estate Jewelry in NYC?

How To Get The Most Cash For Your Estate Jewelry?

To get the most cash for your estate jewlery is it advisable to keep it in as original condition as possible. You can do this by keeping it safe and secure in a box, outside of the elements and moisture. We recommend having it cleaned and doing some research before trying to sell it so you have an estimate of where it came from, what materials it contains (gold or silver) and then you can better estimate the value of it to avoid being taken advantage of by private buyers or other shops.

Estate jewlery is any jewlery that has been part of your family’s estate. It is often inherited from grandparents or other family members, and sometimes people can be sitting on extremely valuable estate jewelry.

There are typically 2 options when trying to sell estate jewelry in NYC. The first is to sell it in an estate auction. This can be a good idea but they are not very common and require a lengthy process.

The second option is selling it at a pawn shop like Buyers of NYC. We have experienced and honest estate jewelry experts that help to appraise your valuables and present you with fair and flexible options to sell depending on your circumstances. This is your best option if you are looking for the fastest turnaround for your transaction.

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Where to sell Tiffany Jewelry in NYC?

Tiffany is one of the most popular brands of jewlery including their necklaces, bracelets, and earrings. Based in Manhattan our local pawn shop has a wide selection of Tiffany jewlery and is always looking for more. The process of selling your Tiffany jewlery is quick and easy with us and we always offer top dollar!

How To Get The Most Cash For Your Tiffany Jewelry

Tiffany Jewelry comes in a wide variety of styles, materials and prices. Depending on which model you have, when it was bought and the condition we can help you to get cash for it in less than 24 hours. No matter where you choose to sell your Tiffany necklace, bracelet, or earrings we recommend having it cleaned and keeping the original box (if possible).

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Where to sell Antique Jewelry in NYC?

Antique jewlery comes in all shapes and sizes but if you are in NYC and looking to sell it then our pawn shop buys it all!. Although it is possible to find private buyers or take a risk on Craiglist or eBay there are many scams associated with selling antique jewlery online. But if you are looking to sell it fast, and get an honest appraisal on your antique jewlery then our pawn shop in Manhattan is your best bet!

How To Get The Most Cash For Your Antique Jewelry

Antique jewlery can range from all different prices and it is important to try and always get the most cash you can when you sell it. Auctions can be a risk because if it is not currently in demand or if the right buyer isn’t there can you really take a loss. But Buyers of NYC pawn shop offers the highest amount for antique jewelry, We have the benefit of being able to keep and hold antique jewelry until the right buyer comes along, so your time doesn’t have to be wasted sitting around and waiting.

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Estate jewelry is jewelry that was inherited as part of the estate of a deceased family member. Many times the jewelry is no longer produced and can be rare and hard to come by. But additionally, it is not always the current jewelry style and many people looking to sell their estate jewelry.
Antique jewelry is typically classified as jewelry that is at least 100 years old. It can often come from family members that have had it since it was originally purchased or other times people buy antique jewelry at antique shops and can sometimes find a great bargain if the shop never had it appraised.
Tiffany and Co. is a luxury jewelry maker based in NYC. Although they are known for their earrings, necklaces and bracelets, they also make watches, pendants water bottles are much more.
There are typically 4 reasons why someone would want to sell their jewelry.
  • They are in need of cash quickly
  • The price of precious metals has increased
  • They no longer like the style of the jewelry
  • A relationship has ended, many times after a divorce or breakup people look to sell their engagement rings or gifts they received where the sentimental value is no longer there.

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Selling or pawning your jewelry to us is an easy process. We will give you a top dollar for your fine jewelry. If you are searching “I want to sell my jewelry for cash in NYC” then be upbeat as pawning or selling your fine jewelry is quick and easy when you visit our NYC location. Regardless of whether you’re hoping to pawn or sell a vintage ring or an engagement ring, We are here to help.
If you pawn a piece of your fine jewelry, you’ll get cash fast; however, you need to repay it as a loan. Selling gives you instant cash on the spot. If you own an old engagement ring with value, pawning allows you to get it back while as yet paying off debts or facing over financial burdens. Pawned jewelry is put aside in a safe and secure location during the loan time frame. If the customer returns inside the designated time and repays the loan, they’ll get their gold jewelry back..

For individuals with a bad credit history or who are attempting to fix their credit, pawning gold jewelry permits them to get a loan without getting a credit check. Pawn loans get not accounted for by credit agencies.

One thing you should know about a pawn shop loan is that your item your selling gets set up as collateral. A Pawn loan usually lasts for 30 days, if you can’t return the loan at that time, under NYS law the item becomes the possession of the pawnbroker; however, the consumer gets released from paying the loan. It’s possible to stretch out the loan offer to an extra 30 days.

Because a pawnbroker has to estimate the possibility that the consumer won’t return the loan, the pawnbroker can’t give as high of the market price your jewelry. Be that as it may, by selling the item through and through, customers can ordinarily get a top dollar for jewelry.

Think you want to sell your jewelry instead to us? If you don’t want your jewelry back, selling it by and large may be the best approach. At the point when you sell your jewelry, you get frequently given a higher cost for the item than if it got pawned. You don’t need to apply for a line of credit, and you get instant, fast cash as soon as you consent to the pawnbroker’s price.