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Kathryn Murphy
"Highly recommend Buyers of NYC for their expertise, professionalism, and knowledge. Accurately assessed my family's heirlooms and provided detailed explanation. Excellent service, thank you!"
Jennifer Winget
"I was extremely pleased with the service from Buyers of NYC. Their jewelry expert was able to answer all of my questions and I was able to get a great price for my jewelry. They exceeded my expectations."
Jenny Wilson
"Selling my family's estate jewelry to Buyers of NYC was a breeze! Their expert appraisers were able to offer me a fair price and the whole process was handled with the utmost professionalism. Highly recommend!"
Devon Lane
"Buyers of NYC surpassed my expectations. The jewellery expert did an excellent job of answering all my queries. I received a fantastic price for my jewellery."
Dianne Russell

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