Buyers of NYC buys palladium in nearly any form for the best prices.

We buy palladium bullion in nearly any form for the top dollar. Palladium is a precious metal which makes it valuable. Even a small amount of palladium can get you a big payout. We buy any type of palladium!

What Types Of Palladium That We Buy

Carat Scrap

  • palladium rings palladium pendants, palladium bands, palladium charms, palladium trinkets
  • White gold jewelry, Palladium jewelry
  • Palladium earrings, palladium necklaces, palladium bracelets,
  • Palladium Jeweler’s sweeps and polishing

Palladium Containing Materials

  • Dental scrap
  • Palladium Electrical contacts
  • Platinotype printing residues
  • Palladium leaf
  • Palladium solder
  • Palladium flake, palladium powder, palladium shot, palladium nuggets, palladium bullion, palladium dust, palladium filings
  • Electronics scrap
  • Palladium transverse flutes
  • Palladium Surgical instruments
  • Blood sugar test strips